WILD is excited to announce the launch of our new formal membership sign-up! 

Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) is an inclusive organization and we welcome all women in lighting and our allies to be part of our community. All members play an essential role in ensuring that WILD voices are heard, and in helping advocate for all underrepresented genders in the lighting industry. We are committed to meeting all our members’ needs by promoting inclusivity, fostering growth, and expanding networks. We also trust our allies to know when space is needed to support safe and open conversations.

A WILD membership (for individuals, not companies or organizations) means you want to be a more active part of our community than just receiving the newsletter. This includes the opportunity to have your accomplishments and activities celebrated and promoted. However, we recognize that not everyone would like this endorsement from WILD, and making the choice to become a member, or not, lets us know.

WILD’s strength comes from its community – offering our members empowerment, fostering connections, encouraging leadership and advocacy, and together we are changing the face of the industry and the built environment. We are excited by the opportunities our formal membership will bring in expanding our ability to share resources and to create connections.So we want to know – are you WILD?

join us…

Srushti Totadri
WILD Membership Chair

lytePOD: Brittany Lynch – A Job With No Days Off, Working Moms

Check out this fantastic interview with Brittany Lynch from Clanton & Associates, Inc. and our WILD Denver chapter on being a working mom!

There is a constant push and pull with priorities in life. Are you working full time to explore your passion and raising kids? Whether you’re a mom or dad the pressure to always perform has become increasingly difficult to show up for, be present, and not overwhelming. Brittany Lynch, Senior Lighting Designer at Clanton & Associates talks about how she found the courage to bring this up with her peers, bosses, and family. Tune in to learn more about how realistic expectations and a potential new way of valuing design services could help solve this problem.