The WILD DEIR Committee’s mission is to celebrate the diverse individuals who contribute to the lighting community through oversight of WILD’s programming and communications, to bring self awareness and to enhance community awareness through education, and to foster a sense of belonging.


The WILD DEIR Committee’s vision is to diversify our field within STEAM by honoring the pathways that drive diverse individuals to pursue a career in lighting and to create a more inclusive environment that supports the longevity of diverse talent to thrive in leadership roles.

program leaders:
Stacey Bello and Chelsea Kreielsheimer


reach out to join our team and help WILD’s deir program grow!

inclusive communication and programming checklist

One of the DEIR Committee’s first projects was to formulate a checklist for leaders and organizers to help ensure that programming and events are as inclusive as possible. The checklist is for organizers of both large WILD Int’l events and for WILD Chapters to use for educational and social gatherings. Pass it on!


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