making positive change for parents in lighting

a new resource for parents, their colleagues, and their employers


Establish guidelines and provide resources for the lighting industry advocating for and promoting the interests of working parents. Expand the vision of employers to understand the value of working parents, as well as provide support for working parents themselves.


We see working parents across the lighting industry informed and empowered to expect that their rights as working parents will be respected, and that their contributions as employees will be valued and developed. A longer-term goal is to decrease attrition among working mothers in the lighting industry by influencing employers to value the contributions of working moms and to support their needs.

program leader:
Brittany Lynch


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current project

Four years ago, we surveyed women in the lighting community about the troubles in achieving work-life-balance in the lighting industry. The survey revealed that the majority of those who left were mothers. Then, the pandemic ripped back the curtain to reveal how little support is offered for parents and caretakers.

It’s time to take a step back and evaluate how the lighting industry is supporting and retaining the valuable talent of working parents. Come to our presentation of the PRG+ Workplace Scorecard at LightFair in NYC to see the results.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
LightFair NYC
PRG+ Workplace Scorecard Session
2PM – 3PM