Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) is a volunteer run registered 501(c)6 non-profit organization comprised of a nine (9) person Board of Directors, whose governing power is balanced by a Chapter Liaison Committee, which provides oversite and recommendations regarding the Boards direction and policy. The Chapter Liaison Committee is comprised of one (1) representative from each officially chartered Chapter.

Chapters create the core of WILD, fulfilling the organization’s mission and vision at the local level. They are structured so as to effectively deliver programs and services to their members, while also interacting as part of WILD’s global community. The Charter grants authority to the chapter to act in the name of WILD and as part of our collective.

All member of WILD must abide by the By-Laws, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and the Vision and Mission Statements of our organization.

mission statement

To provide the lighting industry an inclusive and open environment to engage in conversations and inspire action. We are committed to empowering our members by increasing representation, amplifying their voices, and providing a safe and supportive network for personal and professional growth through connection, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing. Our purpose is to advocate for equity, dignity, and autonomy for women and the benefits of a gender-balanced industry. We welcome all women in lighting and our allies to be part of our community. Together, we are WILD.

vision statement

To create a more balanced, equitable, and diverse industry that empowers and celebrates women.

organization flow chart