The Lamplighter Coalition is a growing program that aims to create awareness around sexual harassment and its prevalent nature in professional culture, and provide tools and resources to help lighting industry members stop, repudiate, and prevent sexual harassment in social and professional environments.

program leader:
Elizabeth Williams


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what is a Lamplighter?

Lamplighters were responsible for igniting and extinguishing the oil and then gas lanterns that lit the streets of London and other cities. Lamplighters were considered trustworthy and dependable, akin to town watchmen.

“Setting out just before dusk, dressed in hat and coat, with a cheery whistle or song to let the public know that they were in the vicinity, [Lamplighters] undertook their essential role…Lamplighter families were a close knit group of proud individuals…In all they performed a very important role in the city and brought some measure of reassurance and safety to the people who lived there.”

Moore INW, Amanda. “Gas lights and the lamplighters 1807” https://intriguing-history.com/gas-lights-lamplighters. Accessed 18 May 2022.

“Be Aware Be There” campaign

The Mission of the BABT Campaign is to provide tools and resources to help stop, repudiate, and prevent sexual harassment and assault in social and professional environments. And to provide education and support for all members of the lighting industry to accomplish these goals.
Industry members will be encouraged to take action. Tools will be developed for and deployed during social events, and provided to the organizers of those events, that can help a potential victim safely prevent or exit a bad situation. Educational resources on how to recognize and act against potentially dangerous situations will be compiled on this website.
Individuals that believe in the goals of the campaign can sign up to be trained to help someone who is or could be a victim of sexual harassment or assault. This community will be known as the Lamplighters.

At every event, Lamplighters can be found wearing our blue icon on keychains and necklaces. Please join our growing community and make it known throughout the lighting community that The Lamplighter Coalition is watching, and that sexual harassment and assault will not be tolerated.

Lamplighter Keychain

“Break the Silence” campaign

The Mission of the “Break The Silence” Campaign is to create awareness around sexual harassment and assault and its prevalent nature in professional culture. Our goal is to spark a conversation in the lighting industry around sexual assault and harassment, and a universal understanding that these are serious and prevalent issues that must be addressed. More info on this Campaign is coming soon!



apps for safety

  • Bsafe – Call 911 by voice, Call your guardians, Send Video/Voice Recordings, Auto-Call your Phone, $20/year subscription – https://www.getbsafe.com/
  • Circle of 6 (iPhone) or Circulo (Android) – Load up to Six Contacts that you can send your GPS location and ask to call/text you, also has helpful links and hotlines – https://www.circleof6app.com/


  • What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing – Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce D. Perry – Helpful and healing tools for survivors and the science behind those tools
  • What She Said – Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story that Helped Ignite a Movement – Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey – From the award winning reporters who broke the news on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment/abuse, and how it impacted women in the workplace
  • Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement – Tarana Burke – A memoir from the founding member of the #MeToo Movement, that highlights her own journey of healing and how #MeToo became a cultural movement