LightFair 2021: New Recording + Live Q&A

WILD is thrilled to present a new recording of our LightFair 2021 presentation, followed by a Live Q&A with our presenters.

During LightFair, WILD presented a round of fast-paced and engaging PechaKucha, or “chit-chats”. A PechaKucha consists of 20 images for 20 seconds each. In other words, presenters have 400 seconds to tell their story, with visuals guiding the way. Each presentation offered a clear and powerful message to attendees. 

This program was originally presented at LightFair 2021 in the Designery on October 28th at 1PM.
Tanya Hernandez – Let’s Talk Leadership
Rachael Stoner – Life in Middle Management
Mariel Acevedo – Codeswitching
Alana Shepherd – LGBTQ+ By the Numbers
Amber Watnik – Books as a Catalyst for Community
Luz Garcia – Traditional and Reverse Mentoring of Women by Women
Brittany Lynch – The Secret Shame of Working Moms

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