WILD on the Rise: Texas Edition

Check out the new podcast from Lytei featuring our amazing WILD Texas leaders Alriah and Alyssa (DFW), Michelle (Houston), and Sarah (Austin)! They dive deep about WHAT inspired them each to start their Chapters and WHY you should join them. Check out this truly honest and open conversation from these four incredible women.

Kimberly King – Transformative Not Transactional: Design-Minded Supply LytePod

The lighting industry has gone through a few evolutions, and the pathway from design to final delivery is undeniably one of them. Gone are the "transactional" days of interchangeable parts + pieces like lamps and ballasts — for better or worse, today's lighting equipment has become unique and specialized, and staying at the forefront of change requires a new way of thinking about supply. Enter design-minded supply teams like Illuminate in Philadelphia, where Kimberly King works as a project designer and communication bridge from concept to completion. Join us as Kimberly talks us through some ways complex design outcomes can be achieved by rethinking partnerships and processes in today's evolving lighting landscape.
  1. Kimberly King – Transformative Not Transactional: Design-Minded Supply
  2. Elaine Cook – Equity in Lighting: An Inclusive Approach to Design
  3. Andrea Wilkerson – Doubling Down on Data-Driven Design
  4. Archit Jain and Scott Hatton – Selling Time as a Service: Service-Based Businesses
  5. Gerald Olesker – From Curbside to Poolside: A-List Lighting Design

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