05/01 UPDATE: We are still searching for Silver and Bronze Level Sponsors to help fulfill out 2023 goal! Please help by spreading the word! Thank you to Barn Light Electric, Inter-Lux, and Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design for your Silver level support!

04/11 UPDATE: Our Gold Level Sponsosrhips are fulfilled! Thank you Casambi, The DLC , ETC, Landscape Forms, and LUXAM for your support! Silver and Bronze sponsorships are still available! Please reach out to womeninlightingdesign@gmail.com to learn more.

03/02 UPDATE: Our Platinum Level Sponsorships are fulfilled! Thank you Acuity, Coronet, and Designing Lighting for your support! Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorships are still available! Please reach out to womeninlightingdesign@gmail.com to learn more.

Dear Lighting Community, 

As Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) moves into our second year as a registered 501(c)6 non-profit, we are more excited than ever to continue our forward progress as an organization and in helping women excel throughout the industry. Last year, our 2022 Inaugural Sponsors helped us achieve our non-profit status and the creation of building blocks that will allow WILD to thrive well into the future. These sponsors supported initiatives by WILD International (Int’l), which encompasses Board-level activities and our industry-wide Programs: the Lamplighter Coalition, Parenting Resource Group (PRG+), DEIR Engagement, and Mentoring.

In 2023, we have set a goal to raise $40,000 in sponsorship to continue development of the under-lying structure to support our Chapters and provide networking and educational opportunities for our membership at industry conferences. We are also preparing for further development of our Programs, which we believe are the best way to combat the continued high attrition, pay inequities, lack of diversity, and sexual harassment experienced among women in lighting fields.

What I have gained most from being a member of WILD has been an overwhelming sense of sisterhood and belonging. Now as a Chapter leader, this group provides me with an immense amount of mental and professional nourishment, as well as a safe space for me to WILDY be myself! 

Ade Wilson
Atlanta Chapter Leader

WILD seeks to provide the lighting industry with an inclusive and open environment to engage in conversations and inspire action. We empower individual members by increasing representation, amplifying their voices, and providing a safe and supportive network for personal and professional growth. We welcome all women in lighting and our allies seeking a more balanced, equitable, and diverse industry.

Women In Lighting + Design gave me an invaluable opportunity to create a program with a mission that is dear to my heart. Their encouragement, enthusiasm and support is unmatched, and I am forever grateful for the confidence they have given me to pursue my goals. The organization has also helped me grow as a professional and become more thoughtful and empathetic, and has connected me with an amazing network of friends and allies.

Elizabeth Williams
Lamplighter Coalition Program Leader

Our volunteer-run community includes over 1,500 members with 19 chapters in the US and Canada. As WILD Int’l creates the framework for WILD to succeed as an organization, our chapters are the direct link to our members, providing engagement and informal mentorship opportunities. Our combined efforts work towards creating a more balanced, equitable, and diverse industry that empowers and celebrates women – and we hope that you will join us in that effort. Each Chapter finds support and sponsorship from their individual communities, and we encourage local businesses to support WILD by sponsoring our Chapters, rather than WILD Int’l. Please reach out if you need help determining the best place for your support.

WILD is my sisterhood in a male-dominated industry. My lighting design firm grew quickly during the pandemic and the women I met through WILD were truly pivotal in supporting me as I navigated business startup and growth. Lighting Design is such a small industry and yet WILDs Nationwide network gives its members access to other like-minded business owners for guidance, lessons learned, referrals, and even working-parent advice. They are authentic cheerleaders, mentors, and friends.

Diane Borys
San Diego Chapter Leader

As a 2023 WILD Int’l Sponsor, you can help propel WILD forward as we continue to grow our positive influence and global impact. We place tremendous value on the partnerships that allow us to pursue our goals and succeed in our mission, and below you will find the benefits for you as our sponsor along with the different levels of participation: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Please email womeninlightingdesign@gmail.com with any interest. 

Thank you for your consideration and support.


WILD’s 2023 Board of Directors
Kelly Roberts, President
Alessa Aguayo, President-Elect
Sriti Singh, Treasurer
Amber Watnik, Secretary
Rachel Bauer⁠, Chapter Chair
Cindy Foster-Warthen, Marketing Chair
Lois I. Hutchinson, Programs Chair
Haley Laurence, Outreach Chair
Srushti Totadri, Membership Chair