Introducing WILD’s new National Board of Directors!

Introducing WILD’s new National Board of Directors!
President: Kelly Roberts (NYC)
Vice President: Katherine Stekr (Denver)
Secretary: Lily Knoerzer (Philly)
Director-at-Large: Alessa Aguayo (NYC); Bridget Cross (Chicago); Lauren Dunn (Denver); Lois Hutchinson (LA)

WOW has WILD come a long way! What started as a few local meetups and a much needed safe outlet for connection in the 1990s is now an over 1000-member organization with multiple Chapters around the country and new interest growing every day. Along the way, we have stayed true to our roots. WILD is still a safe place for having conversations, making connections, and supporting our members to be the best, the most WILD, they can be.

With the creation of our new National Board of Directors, WILD is taking the next natural step in our growth. This Board will work with the existing National Chapter Committee (which consists of a representative from each Chapter) to establish a framework for supporting our current Chapters, expanding outreach, and continuing to develop our WILD initiatives and industry partnerships. The Board will be solely dedicated to the growth and development of WILD as a larger community.

The Board of Directors looks forward to honoring our legacy and to building WILD into a sustainable organization for future leaders. We are truly grateful for the amazing women who started WILD, those that continued building it over the past 30 years, our current Chapters leaders, and all those that have stepped forward as active members and voices of our community. Together – We are WILD.

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