PRG+ Under Pressure on Sept 13th

creating POSTIVE change for parents in lighting

September 13, 2021
Welcome to WILD’s new Parent Resource Group, PRG+, where we are creating positive change for parents in lighting. PRG+ will offer opportunities for connection through quarterly breakout room sessions and education through panels, articles, and industry outreach. Positive feedback from our August 2020 event showed that parents need a safe place outside of the office to ask questions, find resources, share stories, and discuss solutions. Engaged employers want to know how they can help and what resources they can offer. This group is open to all industry professionals that aspire to create a more equitable working environment for parents and caregivers.
Let’s get real…
Working parents face unbounded pressures to perform at work and at home with little to no support. Then arrived the pandemic, and our patched-together life rafts sank. Parents, especially moms, are conditioned to believe that if we can learn one more life hack or have one more hour per day, then all of our problems will be solved. In actuality, the pressure is due to a complex web of societal and economic pressures, and our problems are not going to be solved with a well-organized to-do list.
Join WILD over lunch for our first PRG+ connection session where we’ll learn a little about how these immense pressures have developed in society over time and then break into groups to discuss our own stressors and offer support and solution brainstorming. This event will not be recorded – so join for real-time conversation and connection!


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