Examining Diversity recording now available!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on October 5th for the WILD NYC event Examining Diversity: Black Women and the Lighting Industry. We’re excited to make this recording available to those who missed it, and to those who want a refresher of this courageous conversation. We’re are so grateful to Jessie Frias, Nel Reed, Laetitia Stephanos, and Nichol Murrell for taking part in this discussion, and to Megan Carroll for moderating. The conversation was honest, insightful, and truly impactful. We’re sharing some of the notes sent to our panelists during and after the event, and we’re truly grateful to all who participated.

Women in Lighting + Design will continue working on specific ways that we can help address the diversity problem in the lighting industry. The WILD community understands the struggle for representation and equality, and the pursuit of these goals is at the core of why we join together for support, networking, and learning. There is a diversity problem in the lighting industry, for women, for BIPOC, and for LTGBQ+. We can use our voices to encourage education, strengthen outreach, and support change.

If you have stories, networks, or events that you believe can help support these efforts, please do not hesitate to share them on our Facebook and LinkedIn groups so that our members can learn and grow from the continued conversation that is taking place across the industry. We are stronger together.

Please consider watching our previous event with WILD Denver on equity and diversity with co-hosts: Sara Blanchard & Alicia Biggs:

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