WILD’s BLM Response

WILD is in the process of responding to the current energy and atmosphere from the Black Lives Matter movement, and has been working on specific ways that we can help address the diversity problem in the lighting design industry. During the initial wave of protests, we posted a message of support on our social networks and the website, but we also knew that words were not enough. WILD is taking the next step by creating a network of events from multiple Chapters, to be offered Nationwide. These events will be offered virtually and recorded for later personal viewing and reflection.

WILD Denver will host our first event on August 6th (scroll down for more information). This event will focus on personal education and critical thinking, featuring two diverse facilitators to guide the discussion. At the end of September, New York City will host a panel discussion between black women currently working in the lighting industry. We will highlight their personal stories/experiences working in the industry, and discuss hurdles they needed to overcome and continue to face. These are the first two of what we hope will become many conversations across the WILD community. This topic must remain visible for change to occur.

The WILD community understands the struggle for representation and equality. The pursuit of these goals is at the core of why we join together for support, networking, and learning. There is a diversity problem in the lighting industry, for women, for BIPOC, and for LTGBQ+. We can use our voices to encourage education, strengthen outreach, and support change across the industry.

We invite ALL members of our community to attend these events. Men or women in lighting or not, this is a conversation for everyone. Please register and share with others. 

Women in Lighting + Design is about community and our mission is to create a supportive and safe network for all our members. We cannot be there for our members, if we are not also standing up specifically for Black women. We cannot advocate for parents, if we are not standing with mothers who fear for their Black children’s lives. We stand in solidarity with the black community. We denounce all acts of racism and hope that we can build a stronger community together free of hate, discrimination, and senseless acts of violence.

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